My name is Michelle and I do not deal with the dollhouse companies that mass-produce dollhouses and furniture…yet.  I may eventually do that, but at the moment I am more on a search-and-rescue mission.  I find old dollhouses and dollhouse furniture and restore it, build it, refurnish it, etc.  My prices will be a bit lower than what the big guys charge because I do not always know exactly where all my products come from.  They may be from a kit or they may be homemade.  I am just getting started, so I do not have a wide selection yet.  I am based in Dallas, TX, so keep that in mind before ordering.


I will put up pictures of projects that I am currently working on and you can e-mail me questions.  If you see something that you feel you must have before I am through with the restoration, feel free to e-mail me a bid on it.  If you e-mail a bid on an unfinished product, then I will sell it to you AS IS.  This allows you the freedom to finish it yourself.  If you see something you want, but feel that the price is too high, e-mail me a price and I may work with you on some (not all) items.  All of my sales are final.  Buyer pays shipping and handling fees.  I am not yet set up to take credit cards, so I will accept personal checks, money orders and cashier’s checks.  *If you are going to pay by personal check then I will have to wait for your check to clear before I mail anything out.*





This is dollhouse furniture from a kit that my in-laws picked up for me.  Unfortunately, the dollhouse was missing, so all I got was the furniture.  I have assembled it and it is just waiting to be painted.  There are eleven pieces of furniture.  I am asking $3.00 for the whole set.

Hand-painted trunk-$1.00

These last three pictures are of a dollhouse that I found in an antique store.  From what we can tell, this dollhouse is not from a kit.  The walls are removable.  It needs some re-painting and I am planning on finishing it, unless I have a bid on it before then.  Whenever I finish work on it I will put up a new picture.

Dollhouse baby crib with lace coverlet and hand-made mattress.  $3.50

Hand-upholstered rocking chair.  $3.50

Found this “little-red-wagon” in an antique store.  The name on it is Radio Flyer.  It has an all metal body with plastic wheels.  $5.00

2 Wooden kitchen chairs-3" tall. $1.00
Black, plastic china cabinet.  This cabinet is 4.5" tall and it fits in a corner.  Both doors do open.  $1.00
Metal and plastic stove.  The silver parts are metal and the black parts are plastic.  The oven door really opens.  2.5" tall, 2.25" wide.  $1.25
Brown, wood fireplace.  3.25" tall, 3.5" wide.  $1.25
I believe the frame on this mirror is brass.  The mirror is glass, just needs a little windex.  It does stand a little unevenly.  4.75" tall.  $1.25
Wood grandfather clock.  5.25" tall from the point on top.  The face is a paper display, and the door does not open.  $1.25
Wood, living room table.  1.5" tall & 4.25" wide.  $1.00
Ceramic sink.  5" tall, 4" wide, 1.5" long.  The faucets are bent inward a little.  The mirror is real glass.  $2.50


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